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Small Class Sizes

Our ratios are lower than State Requirements.

 It is our small class sizes that enable us to practice our philosophies each and every day!

Children that are a part of a small class, feel secure; giving them confidence to experience and try new things!

Teachers feel relaxed and enjoy having the opportunity to Teach.

Bright Beginnings is dedicated to maintaining our class sizes, as this is where the quality of our program begins.  


Below is a list of criteria which shows how Bright Beginnings students have a distinct advantage, experiencing an academic and social environment that is truly one of a kind.

We strive to keep the overall daily enrollment at approximately 75% of our total capacity, providing our students with a spacious learning environment. 

Age State Requirements  Bright Beginnings
(8 weeks - 12 months) 
1 teacher per 5

1 teacher per 4-5

2 teachers per 8-10

* This is the only classroom where class sizes are doubled with appropriate staffing.   

(12-18 months)
1 teacher per 6 1 teacher per 5-6
(18-24 months)
1 teacher per 7 1 teacher per 6-7
(24-36 months)
1 teacher per 8

1 teacher per 6-7
* We also have full-time
toddler coordinators which 
provides the extra hands
in all  our Infant/Toddler
Classes when needed

(3-4 years)
1 teacher per 12-14 1 teacher per 8-10
(4-5 years)
1 teacher per 14 1 teacher per 10-12
Kindergarten 1 teacher per 18 1 teacher per 14-16
After School 1 teacher per 18 1 teacher per 18