We have incorporated an interactive curriculum using Ohio's Core Early Learning standards into our weekly lesson plans.

Our curriculum encourages children to follow their own initiative to explore, engage in experiences that are of personal interest, ask and answer questions, set their own goals, solve problems that get in the way of accomplishing those goals, and generate new ideas to test.

As they carry out their intentions with the support of interested, involved adults, children naturally engage in key experiences and activities that present learning opportunities in the 10 key areas:

  • creative representation
  • language and literacy
  • initiative and social relations
  • movement
  • music
  • classification
  • seriation
  • number
  • space and time

This program is viewed as an integral part of the child's overall school experience. It is designed to provide opportunities for children to learn through various experiences and in a socially centered environment.

This program recognizes the unique needs of each child and will provide learning opportunities according to these varied needs, abilities, and interests.

This program will strive to prepare each student to function successfully in a scholastic, social, and individual way

Our Philosophy

We believe that the purpose of Bright Beginnings is to provide a positive educational atmosphere for learning, so that students may experience the joy of learning and may become fulfilled, aware, and caring human beings, capable of using their skills to successfully continue advancement in these areas.

We believe that the learning experiences offered by Bright Beginnings should be of adequate breadth to satisfy the curiosity and intellectual growth of all who attend.

We see each child as an individual and therefore the organizational arrangement for instruction and teaching methods must be varied. We view each student as a unique person.

We believe that his/her physical, intellectual, emotional, social, and moral development is continuous and ever expanding. Also, we recognize each student as having basic needs.


Below you can see a month sample of our school year calendar! 


October 2018
October 2018