We have incorporated an interactive curriculum using Ohio's Core Early Learning standards into our weekly lesson plans.

Our curriculum encourages children to follow their own initiative to explore, engage in experiences that are of personal interest, ask and answer questions, set their own goals, solve problems that get in the way of accomplishing those goals, and generate new ideas to test.

As they carry out their intentions with the support of interested, involved adults, children naturally engage in key experiences and activities that present learning opportunities in the 10 key areas:

  • creative representation
  • language and literacy
  • initiative and social relations
  • movement
  • music
  • classification
  • seriation
  • number
  • space and time

This program is viewed as an integral part of the child's overall school experience. It is designed to provide opportunities for children to learn through various experiences and in a socially centered environment.

This program recognizes the unique needs of each child and will provide learning opportunities according to these varied needs, abilities, and interests.

This program will strive to prepare each student to function successfully in a scholastic, social, and individual way

Our Philosophy

We believe that the purpose of Bright Beginnings is to provide a positive educational atmosphere for learning, so that students may experience the joy of learning and may become fulfilled, aware, and caring human beings, capable of using their skills to successfully continue advancement in these areas.

We believe that the learning experiences offered by Bright Beginnings should be of adequate breadth to satisfy the curiosity and intellectual growth of all who attend.

We see each child as an individual and therefore the organizational arrangement for instruction and teaching methods must be varied. We view each student as a unique person.

We believe that his/her physical, intellectual, emotional, social, and moral development is continuous and ever expanding. Also, we recognize each student as having basic needs.


Below you can see a month sample of our school year calendar! 


October 2018
October 2018
Image of infants in infant room
Infant Room

Infant Program

Love, Trust, and Tranquility

(8 weeks to 12 months)

Your baby's first year of life is an exciting time, filled with discovery and tremendous growth. We strive to make the transition smooth and comforting from home to our center. Our Infants are able to be on their own schedules and developmental timelines. 

We are here to provide a "home away from home" environment for your family and create trusting relationships with our infant staff.

Our children receive loving, nurturing attention in a separate area offering tranquility, stimulation and curiosity.

We stimulate your child's cognitive, emotional, and physical development.

Our infants experience music, tummy time, books, and other equipment for gross motor development.

Image of children in young toddler program

Young Toddler Program

Exploring and Growth

(Walking-18 Months)

Your child's first year has been amazing and filled with great experiences.

Your child is now ready for more opportunities in exploring, creating, and physical development. Bright Beginnings is here to provide and challenge your child.

We recognize children may be at different developmental milestones during this time, we are designed to accommodate each child no matter where they are developmentally.

Our program grows with YOUR child.

Image of child in toddler program
Toddler Dramatic Play

Toddler Program

Curious and Active

(18-36 Months)

Watching toddlers develop can be an exciting and fun time! Children at this age are filled with curiosity with the world around them and exert a new found sense of independence.

Bright Beginnings helps foster these ideas, emotions, and experiences through:

  • stories
  • songs
  • dramatic play
  • art
  • gross motor activities

Our program provides structure and guidance throughout the day, while also teaching important social and language skills. Each child's individual needs are met as we strive to prepare these children for the upcoming preschool year.

Bright Beginnings preschool program strives to keep children engaged as they learn new skills and prepare them for the world of education to come.

Our hands-on curriculum provide children the ability to experience the world around them in a creative, engaging, fun environment, which fosters self development and imagination.

Our well rounded curriculum provides a solid academic base that prepares the children for their Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten years and creates a true love for learning.

Image of children in preschool program
Preschool Program

Preschool Program

Learning and Developing

(3-4 Years)

Bright Beginnings preschool program strives to keep children engaged as they learn new skills and prepare them for the world of education to come.

Our hands on curriculum provide children the ability to experience the world around them in a creative, engaging, fun environment, which fosters self development and imagination.

Bright Beginnings focuses on skills in the following areas

  • Leadership
  • Sportsmanship
  • Confidence
  • Language Development
  • Motor Skills 
  • STEM
  • Dramatic/Cooperative Play 

Our well rounded curriculum provides a solid academic base that prepares the children for their Pre-K and Kindergarten years and creates a true love for learning.

Image of child in private kindergarten
Kindergarten Program

Private Kindergarten

We are proud to offer a unique full-day chartered Kindergarten program, available to those students who meet the requirements mandated by the Ohio Department of Education.

Bright Beginnings is chartered through the Ohio Department of Education, providing parents with the assurance that their child's curriculum and teacher is meeting the standards set forth by the State of Ohio.

Bright Beginnings conducts screening and assessments for children entering our kindergarten program prior to the beginning of each school year.

Our program includes over 4 hours of academic time in the classroom and additional time spent in the areas of: 

  • Physical Education
  • Art
  • Music, Spanish
  • Technology
  • Character Education 
  • Sign Language

We are very fortunate that our small class sizes allow for active, hands on learning. Because of this we are able to encourage and be involved in each child's individual learning, to which the children respond with much enthusiasm!

A child is eligible for entrance into kindergarten if s/he attains the age of five (5) on or before August 30th of the year in which s/he applies for entrance.  Bright Beginnings may admit a younger child to kindergarten if the child satisfies our early entrance criteria.   Kindergarten students will then complete a Kindergarten Assessment, which will be scheduled after the child has been registered.

Items required to register your kindergarten child are:

  •        Completed Registration Packet 
  •        Registration Fee 
  •        Original Birth Certificate or Passport
  •        Immunization Records
  •        Custody Documents (if applicable)
Image of children in after school program
SA Fit Zone

After School

(5-12 Years)

Our after school program during the school year caters to children in the full day public school system, where we provide a fun, safe, and educational environment after school is dismissed.

Children are transported by Beavercreek transportation or picked up by our bus. Children have a healthy snack and can then participate in a supervised homework room with a licensed teacher, or participate in afternoon group games and crafts.

After a long day of school, the children can take advantage of our fitness classes in the gym, or a 5 acre outdoor area full of wooded forts, bike paths, basketball, and four square.

Image of children at summer camp

Summer Camp

(5-12 Years)


Now, the daunting task of finding a place for your child to go, where they will have fun and keep their academic skills fresh.

Bright Beginnings Summer Camp program offers BOTH! The children participate in weekly themed camps, which take them on 3-4 field trips per week, along with many guest speakers at the center.

Our large outdoor space accompanied by our air conditioned building allow the children to explore outside, but have down time to cool down in the hot summer days.

The children have the opportunity to utilize our computers and digital cameras to document their experiences throughout the summer.

Some of the field trips are;

  • COSI
  • Ohio Caverns
  • Newport Aquarium 
  • Local Parks
  • Weekly Swimming
  • Trampoline Park
  • Laser Tag

All Bright Beginnings families have access to the current Summer Calendars and Camp information underneath the parent log in. 



Image of children in kindergarten readiness program
Kindergarten Readiness Program

Kindergarten Readiness Program 

Kindergarten Readiness is an unique program that satisfies the gap between Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten. Our program focuses on the academic yet encourages the importance of social skills, following directions, and working with others. Our curriculum is hands on and tailored to meet the individual needs in reading, writing, math, and science. 

What makes a child ready for Kindergarten Readiness...

- Students who make the cut off for Kindergarten, but are wanting to wait an extra year to enroll.

- Students who miss the Kindergarten age requirement, but have already done a year of Pre-K.

 - Students who are ready for additional challenges and enrichment education 

Image of children in pre-kindergarten program
Pre-K Programs

Pre-Kindergarten Program

Academics and Love of Learning

(4-5 Years)

Bright Beginnings Pre-Kindergarten program prepares children to successfully enter Kindergarten the following year, and become an enthusiastic lifetime learner.

Bright Beginnings focuses daily on these early learning skills

  • Early Literacy Skills
  • STEM
  • Motor Skills
  • Dramatic/Cooperative Play
  • Social Studies
  • Confidence
  • Leadership 
  • Following Directions

Our hands on curriculum is developed to master the necessary academic standards, preparing them for a smooth and successful transition into Kindergarten Readiness or Kindergarten.